Professional & Commitment

We work as your LONG TERM STRATEGIC PARTNER to maximize your human capital management value. Through our candidate care, screening and evaluation process, CL Global Consultants help you leverage the talent you need to drive business success.

As your OUTSOURCED RECRUITER to recruit qualified candidates in a timely manner, our consultants begin by understanding the culture of your company, business strategy, financial and operational issues, internal recruitment process, and requirements for individual hires.

As your ADVISOR and RESEARCHER to your recruitment team, we provide recruitment plan and up-to-date human capital market information to facilitate your recruitment processes.

We work with a limited number of clients in one industry to provide flexibility for us to search candidates from other players in the industry.

We do not approach candidates we placed for other placements as we emphasize a long term partnership with our clients.

We commit to work to our best effort on replacement if a candidate placed resign or being dismissed due to incompetence or misconduct during the guarantee period.

We care every aspect of our clients' recruitment like we care for our own company's. Any information provided by our clients relating to their organization will be kept strictly confidential.

Our search processes for candidate care, screening and evaluation ensure that our clients reach the right people to meet their business requirements.

Industry Focus

We specialize in recruiting professionals in management, sales, operational and strategic consulting for multinational organizations within Asia Pacific region.

Information Technology & Telecommunications - in software, hardware, solution providers, IT Consulting

Finance and Insurance - in banking, life insurance, group insurance, general insurance

3. Search Strategy & Planning

We then develop a search plan on how and where to identify the right candidates, with respect to the client's business, competitors' business, industry and market situation, and a search timeline will also be developed for the assignment.

4. Identifying Prospective Candidates

We identify candidates from our company database, industry network, and active research and referrals.

5. Approaching Prospective Candidates

We first conduct a short telephone interview to shortlist candidates with the right experience and who are interested with the opportunity, without disclosing our client name if preferred.

6. Interviewing Prospective Candidates

A number of candidates will be short listed for a face-to-face interview by our professional consultants. We will have a thorough understanding on their work experience, achievement, career aspiration, personal attributes, management style.

7. Informal Reference Check

Before presenting a candidate profile to client, we will conduct an informal reference check on the candidate through contacting individuals who are acquainted with candidate or informal market soundings, without jeopardizing candidate's current employment.

8. Presentation of Short-Listed Candidate

We normally shortlist to 3-5 prospective candidates that best fit the position for our client's consideration. We present to our client with both factual information and the candidates' work experience, education, professional qualifications, achievements, salary details and expectation, and our observations on the candidates.

Upon request of the client, we can also provide a report on all the prospective candidates we have contacted in the market, the market's view on the client and the competitors' information or available talents we discovered during the search.

Search Methodology 

1. Understanding & Defining Requirements

With our market knowledge, we will listen and discuss with our client to define: job description, personal qualities and experience required, appropriate range of compensation package, value and business objective of the recruitment, department and organization structure, update business strategy of the organization and competitors.

2. Job Specifications

We will summarize and agree upon with our client on the job specification as discussed.

9. Client Interviews & Selection of the Right Candidate

A series of meeting will be arranged for our client to meet up with prospective candidates. We will prepare the candidates with the detailed job specification prior to the meetings to facilitate the discussion between the client and candidates.

After meetings, we will update both the client and candidates on each side's feedback.

We will also assist the client in assessing which candidate will best fit his current organization need in an objective manner.

10. Formal Reference Check

After the client has selected the right candidate, upon the client request, we will work on a formal reference check with 2 referees to check on the candidate's work habit, performance, achievements, strengths, weaknesses, management style and other personal attributes, and present the report to the client makes formal offer to the candidate.

11. Offer Negotiations

We will negotiate with both the client and candidate to strive for the best offer, to the interest of both parties, based upon our market knowledge and understanding on what the client and candidate can offer to each other.

12. Follow Up

After the candidate has signed the offer, our job does not end there. We will continue to follow up on with both the client and candidate to ensure the candidate is settling in well with the new working environment.