Bad Experience with Recruiter?

  • Over-sells' the job to me!

  • Have no training or experience in either HR or the field for which they are recruiting.

  • Do not update me after interviews!

  • Try to make me fit the job, not find the job that fits me!

  • Do not treat my job search with strict confidentiality!

With CL Global Consultants, you will never have bad experiences! We hear only compliments on us from our candidates.

We develop good relationship with our candidates to match them to the positions. Because you've given us a great understanding of who you are, we know what you might like about a job and advice on what obstacles you might encounter. So we can make a good match and you can make the appropriate decisions. And not go into a job unprepared.

Whether you need advice on preparing your resume or brush up on interview skills, let us prepare you for your next job. Send us an email, join our career search service.

Compliments on CL Global Consultants ......

"Thanks a lot! I have never seen such detail pre-interview briefing from any headhunter. You have shown me what real professionalism is."

"Thanks very much for giving me so much details about the interviewer and his company. Your excellent support and arrangement is greatly appreciated and I am indeed very impressed."

"I really want to thank you for your perfect coordination and arrangement for me."

"Thanks for your email. It has been very encouraging throughout the process as you always share the insights and opinions with me on how I can make myself more competitive in the job market. Really appreciate that."

"Thanks for your useful tips on interview. That's very helpful!"

"Thanks. You have been helpful in getting the best term for my new job!"

Career Search Service 


We help you to have a clear understanding of your career, research job market and opportunities, write effective resumes, prepare for interviews and negotiate fair salaries. At CL Global Consultants, we understand what employers are looking for. We know how employers approach an interview, what questions they will ask, how they will identify "fit," and the process they will follow to make a selection. You'll find all our career advice is practical and geared to the "real world." Most of all, we cater for your unique needs.

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